Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Challenge #27!!!

Well we are back with Challenge #27!!!!
Hope this finds you all great. We had some gorgeous entry's this week as always folks and we are so loving all the numbers of entry's. How awesome!!!
This week we have a sketch for you by our very own talented Heather . I love her sketch's don't you all??
Can't wait to see all the creations made with her sketch.
Just remember only 1 rule!! You must use a Whiff of Joy stamp.
And another reminder that the pre orders for the Summer Stamp Kit will end the 4th of May and you want to make sure you all get this wonderful kit by Elizabeth Bell. Remember the Spring Kit????? Oh La La well I am sure this one is going to be just as awesome. So make sure you get your pre order in.

Heather's Sketch

We have a wonderful prize for you this week!! One lucky person will win this handsome Knight Charlie!!! Don't you just love him?? So make sure you get your entry in and get in the pick to win this handsome knight that Katharina has kindly given for the prize.

Now here is some inspiration for you from the design team for Heather's wonderful Sketch


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All Pink girl said...

Brilliant sketch Heather (love it)
stunning cards by the DT fabulous and beautiful as always ,hugs Dawnxx

Anonymous said...

Fab sketch, really good to work with and again the design team have come up trumps again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing sketch again Heather, loved it. Fab DT cards as always:)
Hugs, Marlene x

Suzette said...

Fab work Heather, Love the samples from the design team.

Hugs, Suzette

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Great sketch, and stunning DT work, as usual.

Rica said...

Fantastic sketch Heather - will certainly be using this one again.
Fab DT cards as per usual.
hugs Heather xx

100drine said...

Superbe sketch et magnifiques cartes de la DT, bravo, bisous et bonne semaine.

poppy said...

what a great challenge and the DT cards are stunning
Bea x
I have posted my entry on my blog

j said...

Fantastic sketch Heather :-)
Beautiful cards from the DT as always :-)
Loved the challenge !!!!!!!!!


Kristi Scrap said...

Fantastic sketch! The team is amazing... again!.

Scrapmumur said...

Thank you for this fantastic sketch, Heather.
Great cards DT.
Hugs, Mumur

poppy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poppy said...

thank you for the challenge
my card is hereBea x

pinky said...

Got my two new stamps today and couldn't wait to get using them. Thanks for the lovely sketch.

Barb said...

Fab sketch, Heather! The DT cards are awesome, as always!

Jane said...

Have entered my card. Loved this sketch, thank you Heather! This is the first time I've entered a challenge here, the DT's cards are stunning! Very inspiring, thank you! Jane x x

Karen said...

Brilliant sketch Heather, lovely cards by everyone.

jennie'g' said...

congratulations to the design team on there superb cards,hope my interpretation of the sketch fits the bill jenniexx


Hi thankyou for another great sketch and challenge this week.Really enjoyed doing this one.
Dianne xx

jennie'g' said...

ive really enjoyed doing this one hope my card is good enough jenniexx

Mahals Creation said...

Very nice Sketch and absolute nice Cards of the DT :o)
*hugs* Michaela (Mahal)

Di said...

Some great cards from the DT team. great sketch
Di x

Caroline said...

Fab Sketch Heather, Great entries so far too

Lotti said...

Great sketch! I didn't get the arrows at first, but looking at the fab cards from the DT it finally "clicked". Thanks, ladies!

Lil Sis said...

Love the sketch - the DT cards are fab as always.

Hugs Beccy

POPPET said...

Gorgeous creations fromt he DT as always, hugs Pops x x x

Arty Party NI said...

Hi sorry its a bit late but I hope I haven't missed the deadline as I really do enjoy your challenges. Can't wait for this weeks challenge, Karen xoxo

Else Britt said...

Fab work Heather, Love the samples from the design team.

Else Britt

Caroljenks said...

Gorgeous DT cards everyone :) And thanks Heather for a gorgeous sketch to work with :)
Carol x

Leslie said...

I loved this sketch, I had so much fun creating this one. It turned out great for my Mother's Day card. Your DT rocked it as usual!! They are just awesome.
Hugs, Leslie

Kim said...

Awesome projects DT! They are all fabulous!!! Heather...another great sketch hun!
Hugs~ Kim

elske said...

Great sketch ,I hope my card is on time, I was running a little late...
Beautiful cards DT
Greetings Elske

Vee said...

Loved this sketch and will certainly be using it a lot. I hope I made it on time!!DT cards are amazing.
XX Vee

Paula said...

What a fab Sketch im not sure ive made it on time i thought today was Monday lol.
Paula xxxx

lynne said...

wonderful cards lynne xx

redsmomma said...

hello! Great Sketch! Thank you for the challenge! Hope y'all like my entry!

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